During her tenure as the Director of Brand Advocacy for Weight Watchers, Liz worked closely with numerous high-profile celebrities to help them achieve their weight loss goals. Liz was a natural and credible fit given her own hard-won weight loss success. She carried her authenticity and genuine passion to help others into television appearances and interviews with national publications and media, always on point with impeccable delivery of brand messaging. She became an unforgettable face with regular appearances on The Dr. Oz show as an integral voice in his ongoing “Transformation Nation” segments. Liz has also appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Katie! and QVC among others.



While at Weight Watchers, Liz wrote two extremely popular guidebooks that were sold only in Weight Watchers locations across the United States. These books helped members understand and enjoy the weight loss process with anecdotes, personal stories and Liz’s own worksheets. Together they sold 468,000 copies, grossing nearly $5 million in sales. After these books were released, members enjoyed working through the books together and book clubs started springing up around the country. Liz traveled extensively visiting these book clubs and had the honor of speaking at many of them.


A guide to help Weight Watchers members stay on track

  • Published by Weight Watchers in 2012, re-released in 2014

  • Total copies sold: 317,000


A guide to following the Weight Watchers plan

  • Published by Weight Watchers in 2013

  • Total copies sold: 151,000



When did weight loss get so complicated?

Today, it feels like there are a million different apps, tools, workouts, and eating plans designed to help you lose weight. Some promise success via drastic, unlivable restrictions, others are so complex they turn losing weight into a second job. 

In Target 100, celebrity weight-loss coach Liz Josefsberg shows you don’t have to be a slave to your weight-loss program. You don’t have to count every gram of every nutrient and every calorie you eat at every meal. Believe it or not, weight loss can be simple. 

Target 100 streamlines the weight-loss process into six easy-to-follow guidelines and shows you how to adjust them to fit your lifestyle, personalizing the program so that it works for you. Josefsberg offers tips, worksheets, and powerful insights to help you fine-tune a range of weight-related behaviors, from battling stress to getting more sleep, setting the stage for permanent, long-term weight loss.

Warm and no-nonsense, encouraging and informative, Target 100 is a holistic and revolutionary wellness book with a simple message: You don’t need to be perfect to lose weight, or transform yourself into someone you’re not. You can lose weight for good, with the world’s simplest weight loss program.