The Dirtiest Word in Weight Loss … Plateaus!

People are shocked to hear that I experience plateaus, too. Not just for a few weeks or even a month. I’m talking about one plateau that lasted for NINE-MONTHS. People are even more shocked that I wish each of them the opportunity to learn first-hand the value and necessity of plateaus. Why? Because it’s the best thing that can happen!

In the world of weight loss, a pall falls over people when someone utters the word “plateau.” It reminds me of the play Macbeth. There’s a long-standing superstition that this Shakespearean play is cursed. If an actor says “Macbeth” in a theater before a performance, they have to leave the building, spin around three times, spit, curse, and then knock on the door to be allowed back in. If only that worked for plateaus, too!

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Some of the most common reasons for plateaus are boredom and tiredness. They often happen when you’re bored with your food, your activity - or both, or when you’ve been exercising too hard and you’ve become exhausted.

The “cute factor” also plays a role when in hitting a plateau. When you lose a significant amount of weight, you inevitably feel better about yourself and let’s face it, you look totally cute! You may not be as diligent with your workouts, but once you’re used to seeing yourself at this new weight, you’ll be ready to move forward again! 

“I'm so grateful for this Facebook group! I love that I can ask questions, vent and celebrate my wins with no judgment!”

The key is when you find yourself in a plateau, don’t be afraid to shake things up. We often eat the same foods over and over again because we think finding a new recipe takes too much time. Challenge yourself to try at least one new recipe this week or venture out and buy some new fruits or vegetables! 

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Another great way to escape a plateau? Become a detective. Really dig into all of your behaviors around food and see where tiny adjustments can make a big difference. You’ll often find you already have all the answers to move past this obstacle!

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Liz Josefsberg