3 Reasons Why Indulging Can Help You Lose Weight

If you had to guess who has more success losing weight; the people who keep a strict diet or those who learn to “dabble” with indulging, who do you think is more successful at weight loss long-term? In my experience, the ones who eat pizza, drink wine, and eat chocolate in moderation tend to have more success (hooray for us!). 

This eating methodology is called “flexible restraint” and it means putting a moderate level of control on eating to achieve weight-loss success. Eating habits that incorporate flexible restraint provide enough structure for you to limit your food intake and to encourage weight loss, while avoiding the resentment of feeling deprived or restricted. 

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So, why does learning to indulge increase your likelihood of weight-loss success?

3 reasons: 

1. When you learn to indulge, food loses its control over you. Figuring out how to handle indulging means you have strategies and routines to control food situations or to recover quickly from stumbles.

Try this: Really examine a week of your life and determine where and when temptations and splurges occur. Then, make more flexible decisions about how you will handle them. This skill will encourage behavior change around food. 

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2. You learn to trust yourself. You might be afraid to indulge initially. For many of you, you don’t trust that you can handle the flexibility and feel safer sticking to only a few foods you know or can control. For a while, that might be okay but, you can’t live that way indefinitely. It’s smart to add some strong new routines around food prior to testing yourself to see what you can handle. When you learn to indulge, you trust you can have a dinner out with friends and still remain in the driver’s seat.

3. We’re happier when we’re not deprived when we’re trying to lose weight. Think about it: if you occasionally have the chance to go out to dinner with friends, enjoy some of your favorite foods, and even have a glass of wine, those good feelings can help you lose weight and stick with your healthy lifestyle longer!

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Liz Josefsberg