Master the Art of Taking a Break

When I ask people what they’re looking forward to on their vacation, the things I hear the most are relaxation, family time or simply getting away. I never hear that they want to stuff themselves silly or gain a bunch of weight. When considering your weight loss goals, carefully examine what you really want from your vacation. 

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You have three options:

  1. Weight loss vacation. To achieve this you need to keep track of what you’re eating and plan for special indulges. 

  2. Staying the same weight on vacation. This might entail adding a few extras into your day as well as continuing to eat an on plan breakfast or hitting the gym. 

  3. Weight gain on vacation. This could be a managed gain of just a couple of pounds or an all-out gain. Decide where your head is at and commit to the same things you want to see yourself do without the guilt or regret that has plagued you in the past.  

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Now that you’ve selected your big picture option for break, it’s time to get specific strategies in place to help you accomplish those goals.

Two on, one off. This is my favorite go-to strategy. I commit to eating (2) on-plan meals a day while enjoying a third completely free of guilt. Think yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a light lunch and a decadent local splurge for dinner.  

Ask for a mini fridge. Almost all hotels will supply you with a mini fridge in your room. I like to load mine up with a few healthy snacks like yogurt, baby carrots and string cheese. 

Get active differently. Vacation is a time when you can be active in completely different ways. I like to try local walks or running routes or try something totally unique to the place I am visiting. 

Pack snacks in your suitcase. In a gallon sized plastic bag, I bring almonds, microwave popcorn, oatmeal packs, granola bars and hard candy. It saves me every time. 

Say no to airplane food. The airplane can be a tricky place; so to avoid all temptations while I’m at the airport I pack a turkey sandwich and an apple. It’s a basic meal that satisfies my hunger and keeps me from getting into all of the junk they serve on the plane. 

Work these goal-setting techniques and strategies into your next vacation and see how it works for you!

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