5 Truths to Help You Stop Hating Exercise!

After many years of classifying myself as a sloth and forcing myself to be active, I now consider exercising a joy (really!) and I actually consider myself athletic. 

10 yrs ago, I viewed exercise, as I’m sure many of you do, as a necessary evil and very much a chore. I logged minutes because that’s what I thought I “had” to do to lose weight more quickly - or to earn myself some extra food. I was guilt ridden if I didn’t do a certain amount of exercise, and my relationship with it was a true battle. Believe me when I tell you, your attitude towards exercise can change! The shift first happens in your mind when you realize my 5 truths:

Truth #1: The urge to quit is an opportunity. We all experience that moment when quitting seems like a good idea.  Think of this moment as an opportunity to push through those negative feelings and gain the confidence that will get you to your weight goal, your activity goal, and many other life goals. 

Truth #2: A slow start is the smartest track to success. “Today I’m going to buy all new workout clothes and tomorrow I start exercising 5 days a week.” Sound familiar? Don’t fall for this trap! Before you even step foot in a gym, you need to decide what activity you’re doing, when you’ll fit into your schedule, whether you need shoes or gear, and who will watch the kids. Spend 1 week completing the tasks that will get you up, out the door and active everyday. For instance, for 1 week set your alarm and get into your workout clothes, pick out your pre-workout snack or figure out childcare.  

Truth #3: You have the time you just might need help finding it. When I ask people why they’re not incorporating more activity into their lives, their top reason is that they don’t have enough time. But when we sit down together and review their schedules, we always find some time for activity. 

Truth #4: Today’s low could be just what you need. Tracking your activity can be a huge mood booster, even on bad days! Take my first attempt at jogging following the birth of my second son. I’ve been a runner for many years and even completed the New York City marathon. As I left for my first postpartum “run” I thought I would be good for a mile or so. Hah! 60 seconds later, I couldn’t go any farther. I wandered home deflated and decided to write it down realizing someday I’d be grateful to have a record of just how far I had come!

Truth #5: Boredom sets in only if you want it to. At some point, your workout may bore you but don’t get discouraged. You may just need small tweaks to keep it interesting and fun! There’s no rule that says you have to do the same workout every time.

Liz Josefsberg